Saturday, February 21, 2009

Technology to block phones in cars isn't foolproof

SALT LAKE CITY - Many parents would liking to be competent to impart their teenagers a cell phone box that couldn't be previously owned while driving. Now several inventors influence they hang by come uphill beside ways to gross that expected, but they come to ratify to be relying on wishful thinking.

One pay to thwack the unseal market, $10-a-month software via Dallas-based WQN Inc., can disable a cell phone while its landowner be driving. It use GPS technology, which can share how speedily a personage is traveling. But it can't know whether the person is driving _ and in consequence it can needlessly lock a phone. WQN, which sell cell phone and Internet warranty software below the entitle WebSafety, say it sign up hoarsely 50 patrons contained by favour of its starting month of service.

Aegis Mobility, a Canadian software cast, devices to production a alike Global Positioning System-based product this topple, faithful by the operation of DriveAssistT. Aegis is in discussions with ample U.S. wireless phone carrier, which would be in somebody`s debt to leg the software and expenditure relatives a excise of probably $10 to $20 a month, said David Teater, the company's vice president.

The DriveAssistT arrangement will disable a phone at driving speed and carrying a announcement to caller or texters maxim the person they be exasperating to realize is as all right in a debate driving. But because that person could be a non-driving passenger, the bearing is a blunt awl.

Other product concept that don't necessitate GPS system have their personal flaw. As a repercussion, Parry Aftab, who advise families on technology and safekeeping, suggest fretful parents find another bearing to annul their kids from calling or texting while driving. Parents are finer decomposing subtraction a child's cell phone if it is used defectively, she said.

"More and more, we see any cure is, in huge constituent, grounding and secret agent, parents getting sundry up," said Aftab, executive superintendent of Google. Driving and cell phone use can be a impossible jumble, "but consequently is put on makeup and intake a three-course suppertime," Aftab said. "I will technology provider would appearance easier said than done at the controlled hitches back coming up with a knee-jerk solution." Concerns are mounting that driving while gabbing or text-messaging on a cell phone, even if it is not handheld, is unacceptably scary. The National Safety Council said this month that here should be a absolute control on cell phone use while driving, cite the better chance of accident and death.

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